Wednesday, 14 September 2011

K is for Kaskade

Over the years I've purchased quite a few trance/electronica/house/techno compilation cds, but it wasn't until electronic music started becoming more mainstream (and the artists' albums started being sold for more reasonable prices) that I began purchasing single artists' EPs. Of course I had a handful of Paul Oakenfold, Tiësto, and Basshunter albums in my collection since they were some of the biggest names in electronic music, but the first album that I can remember as a distinct move into artist specific buying was Kaskade's album Dynasty. I had heard (and loved) the track "Fire in Your New Shoes" featuring Dragonette, and I thought that the album cover was interesting so I decided to take a risk and grab it. I am SO GLAD that I did, since from start to finish it's a beautiful album. Each track has smooth, but energetic sound (I'm sure this is specific to some genre of electronica, but I don't care to define it), and gorgeous vocals from a variety of sirens.

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