Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Q is for Queen

Obviously Queen was the logical band to choose for the Q post. Seriously they are awesome, and if you think otherwise then you don't know what you're talking about! I'm not even going to go into reasons why, I'll just share a video with you, and then get into the other stuff I wanted to talk about. Just try to ignore their terrible British teeth and strange fashion style and enjoy the music!

So life has been pretty hectic recently. Moving across the country (literally coast to coast in less than 6 months) will cause stress even if the most organized people like me. But I'm settling in now that my wardrobe and shoes have safely found their way home, and have been organized into their new places in my new apartment.

I'm going to share some photos of my new place at some point, but I'm not quite done buying furniture, so my living room is still rather empty. By mid-October it should be all together, so look forward to some pictures of my fabulous new living space then! The themes are Andy Warhol-inspired pop art, and a style that I like to call "glamorous minimalism." Pretty much stellar opposites on the design spectrum, but I'm quite excited about how it's going to turn out :) The newest addition to my place is a "real person sized" bed (queen in normal people lingo), and I am deleriously happy with it. Super cushy extra plush mattress, fluffy new duvet, and 300 thread count sheets. My idea of heaven!

I've pretty much got the shopping scene down in this city, and it's pretty basic. They have some neat stores, but it's pretty much the same old stuff. I have high hopes for the consignment stores, but so far I'm too busy finding perfect furniture to really clothing shop. And my wardrobe is so saturated with fabulous things that I don't feel that I need anything new at the moment. Though I may treat myself to a new pair of shoes at the beginning of October to celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog (OMG an entire year I know!).

As for school I made it through orientation week without wanting to maim anyone. We all know how I react to forced group bonding... Pretty sure I offended a bunch of the girls one day one by saying that sarcasm is my second language, and I honestly don't care what people say. I'm sure I'll make friends eventually, but I've got other things to deal with at the moment. Three of the people from my program are on my Facebook friends list (I don't add people, they add me haha), and I've had some interesting conversations with the one of them who lives in my building (it's a small world), so I guess that's a start!

Well, I should probably get back to doing some more tedious readings, or work on some papers (seriously I have one due next Monday already...), so more later! Have an awesome week everyone, and I hope that you aren't getting overwhelmed by school just yet. And if so, then suck it up! We choose to go to school, so we have to deal with the consequences! Love you bitches <3

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