Wednesday, 28 September 2011

W is for Weird Al Yankovic

Yeah, I'm cheating again with the whole last names thing. WHO CARES? I do what I want.

It's Wednesday, which means that it's mid-week, which means we're still not at the weekend yet. UGH, right? But that's why I picked Weird Al for W, instead of Wolfmother, Weezer, Westlife, Will Smith, or even the Who. Weird Al is all about the laughs, and that's what we all need by the time Wednesday hits to keep us motivated until the weekend is back again. Plus, I'm pretty sure he would approve of it being hump day :p

When's your birthday? Wanna trade fates?

To this day, whenever I hear "American Pie" I start singing the Weird Al version. Sorry, but Star Wars is just BETTER!

Admittedly white and nerdy. WHOOPS haha...

Totally going to save my allowance for a bubble dress! Thank god that isn't his real body, because that would be disturbing >.<

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