Tuesday, 27 September 2011

V is for Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver may have been a rather blip band (which is exactly what happens when you're an amalgamation group and your leader singer has... issues), but they put out some pretty good tracks during their 15 minutes of fame. "Fall to Pieces" may have been their big single off of Contraband, but I much prefer "Slither." "Fall to Pieces" is an artfully written song (surprise I know), which is why it got all the attention, but the dirty bass line from "Slither" is what made me start listening to the band in the first place. And did I mention Scott Weiland's skin-tight silver pants? I would totally rock those. Maybe not in public, but they're awesome either way. Just browsing around the web I stumbled upon a collection for English Laundry that Scott Weiland actually designed. It's full of oddly patterned dress shirts, and retro-fitted pants that I can't see most people wearing unless they're specifically trying to dress like Weiland. But props to him for branching out!

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