Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Week in the Life: Part I

I'm pretty much living in these Roxy sandals this summer.

These Converse One Stars are my go-to shoes for nights with unstructured social plans.
They came in extremely handy when I ended up walking around
downtown for approximately 4 hours on Sunday

After the long walk night I spent most of Monday in bed or at least sans-shoes.

Batman! With Chucks!

So I may have forgotten to take a picture of my shoes from Wednesday,
but instead here's a picture of the rootbeer float I had! YUM!
The Beatles cup totally makes the float extra awesome btw. 

I've been devouring peaches lately, so I decided to make my shoes match my food.
Haha, no seriously I do this all the time...

Going out sandals, with the MLIS crowd for Friday Pub Club.
We're starting early this year ;)

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