Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rock of Ages: the Jeffrey Campbell edition!

You all know that I got a bit gushy after I saw Rock of Ages a while back. The whole fur coat, leather pants, wild hair, animal print thing has always been my favourite look (though I rarely wear it for some reason), and I noticed something a little strange about the latest from shoe-creators-of-awesomeness Jeffrey Campbell: they're all perfect to be decked out for that rock-chic look. Whether you're channelling Guns n' Roses, or just playing pretend rock star like Tom Cruise, fabuous kicks from JC should definitely be your starting point! And just to clear things up: Tom Cruise only wears assless chaps in one (slightly traumatic) scene, so I'm not counting that as a future fashion trend!

Rock Chic

Disco Chick - Jeffrey CampbellRock Of Ages

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