Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Where have all the good shoes gone?

Yes, I know this post is late, but I was busy last night seeing Batman. Sometimes I do have a life you know!

So this month we're doing things a little differently around the old blogosphere. I'm still doing my theme weeks, but since my subject is shoes it's going to be a lot more focused and some extraneous posts are going to change a little bit. The Saturday posts, the ones about nail polish, are going to be going off the radar for the next month because nail polish doesn't really have anything to do with shoes. Yes, we have toenails to paint, but it's not quite the same. And I thought of something even more fun to replace the nail polish posts with temporarily. Instead, every Saturday will feature a week in the life of my shoes as they travel around the city and do their normal stuff. This also means that I have to make an effort not to wear the same shoes day in and day out, so I figure the pay off is worth it.

But back to the main topic: Tuesdays are about rants, so here's a quick one for you (that's been driving me nuts ever since I got to Halifax). I'm usually pretty good at scoping out the shoe shopping situation in any given city - I swear I have a shoe-store homing beacon - but Halifax has been pretty bereft of shoes for me. I've been here almost a year and in total I've only bought 7 pairs of shoes. For me, that's practically nothing. 4 of those were ordered online, 2 of them were thrifted, and 1 pair was from Winners.

To me that says a few pertinent things about the shoe stores in Halifax:
1) They don't have nearly enough variety.
2) The stock that they do carry is saturated with hipster shoes, boring shoes, or plain ugly shoes.
3) Their sales suck (I'm a sucker for a shoe sale).
And the big complaint: 4) Their sales associates suck.

Of all of these complaints #4 is most definitely the worst; I always dress up when I shop (you get better service that way), yet every time that I've gone into any of the shoe stores their sales associates aren't friendly. Sure, I like to be left alone when I shop, but since I'm not allowed in the storage room I can't get my own sizes, and therefore I can't try any shoes on, which leads to me not buying any shoes. Never the less, I'm hoping that this fall will be better for shoe shopping, because this shoe-desert is really really depressing!

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