Sunday, 12 August 2012

I'm not that short!

Contrary to popular belief, 5'4 is not actually that short for a girl. Every single day I see girls who are far shorter than I. And, no, they are not 5 year olds. They're grownups, and they're shorter than I am. In the meantime I'll just continue to wear platform pumps, think of that one time someone actually called me tall (yes, I was wearing heels, but that's not the point), and remind people that being short just means that I can wear really high heelsaround the guy I'm seeing because I'll never be taller than him. Unless he's shorter than 5'7, which means that I probably wouldn't date him in the first place... But that's a whole other story!

Platform faux snakeskin pumps by Dollhouse. 

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