Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shoe Staples: the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

No shoe is more easy to wear, or stylish, than Converse's classic Chuck Taylor All-Star. Sure, these started out as a shoe for athletes (the high-tops had good ankle support or something), but they've become a staple for pretty much anyone now. There are very few people that I know who don't own a pair of Chucks, and I always feel bad for them because they're missing out on a great pair of shoes.

One of the capsule collections that Converse came out with this year was inspired by the animated rock band the Gorillaz, which I thought was pretty awesome. They're not quite as amazing as last year's Doctor Seuss collection, but the grunge style seems to be making a come back, which makes the Gorillaz a great style inspiration.

Chucks in classic black never go out of style. I've worn mine with everything from jeans to party dresses, and they always look fabulous!
Converse Lifestyle

How could I not include the Batman Chucks, from the DC Comics collection? They came out with a new set this year, but I still like these dual Batman & Joker ones the best!
Why So Serious?

Just a little shopping hint for those of you looking for Converse in Canada: the Converse website doesn't ship to Canada or have a Canadian equivalent (wtf, I know), but Baggins Shoes in Victoria has free shipping on orders over $49, and their selection is amazing. They seriously have everything. All the capsule collections, all the range of colours, and they also ship internationally. YAY SHOPPING WIN!

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