Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Celebrity Status

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Lately I've been thinking a lot about how awesome it is that the internet has brought the world closer together through social media. Back in the day it took ages for letters to go through the snail mail system, email addresses were a private commodity, and the high and mighty might as well have been living on Mount Olympus for all that we could communicate with them. Obviously I don't care so much about politicians and the typical "world leaders," but I'm really into the fact that the people with talent are using Twitter & personal blogs to connect with their fans and share their ideas.

For me, the most interesting are the people of the fashion world. Fashion is art that you wear every day, and these people are some of the most creative and innovative minds of the present day. Whenever they choose to share their thoughts through social media we get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, and (as anyone who knows anything about art knows) what goes on in their life is what often informs their art.

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Roberto Cavalli (the Italian designer who is known for his flambouyant prints and embellishments) is one of those who blogs regularly, and while we may be thousands of miles away from Italy (and thousands of dollars too poor to afford his designs) we can get a taste of his lifestyle & passions from reading his blog. Cavalli may live a completely different lifestyle than that of us "regular people," what with his hob-nobbing with Zack Effron & travel by personal yacht, he shares many of the same values as the rest of us. He worries about the implications of the Italian elections, he cares deeply about his large family, and he shares amusing annecdotes about his two canines.

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When it comes down to it, no matter how much money someone has, it seems that they retain a certain sense of human consciousness, and thanks to the power of social media we're all able to see that the gap between the rich and the regular is made by nothing more than a bank account balance. What I wish, though, was that we had had this technology sooner. Can you imagine what we could have learned if Yves Saint Laurant, Coco Chanel, or Christian Dior had been able to speak to the world this way? They may have kept diaries, which are a start to understanding who they really were, but it would have been a revalation to be able to connect with them. 

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