Thursday, 10 January 2013

Window View

Some days I go feline; I do my makeup dark and smokey, I wear smooth textiles,  and I perch on the windowsill to watch the world go by. I'm not sure why I have this fascination with latently observing my neighbourhood, but just sitting and watching makes my day seem complete sometimes.

Nothing ever actually happens during my observatory periods, since I live in the most bourgeois of locations; people walk by with their dogs in hand, children break the silence with playful screams, and leaves drift along the cement.

When the drifting rain or the molting fog distorts the view an almost mysterly quality transforms the humble corner of Dublin & London, but sun breaks through again and blandness returns.

I don't know what I'm waiting and watching for, but until it happens my gaze will continue to be turned South.

Armani Exchange embedded sequin tunic, Vero Moda darkwash jeans, Ardene flower pin

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