Saturday, 12 January 2013

Talk to Me, Baby (or not)

OPI "Yodel me on my Cell"
from the Holland Collection
The portability of cellphones is supposed to help us connect more easily to the world around us, correct? They make us available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone who dials the appropriate number. Theoretically this is a great innovation, because we can keep in touch with people on our own time and when it is most convenient. Waiting by the phone has largely been eliminated, since our phones now travel with us wherever we go.

Yet, even though are able to connect so easily with each other we don’t seem to be following through with this notion. We’re all attached to our phones in the most symbiotic way (I’m guilty as well, considering that I sleep with my phone right beside my head), but sometimes we don’t answer back. I’ve found that a few people I know are particularly guilty of this (ironically the people who are even more attached to their phones as I am), since they routinely don’t answer text messages or phone calls from people. I may be guilty of screening my calls (hello, I love call display), but there are only three reasons why I don’t answer a text message from someone:

  1. If I’m asleep. Obviously my phone is on silent during the night so I have no idea if someone is trying to get in touch with me, but sure enough as soon as I regain consciousness that text will get answered!
  2. If I’m out shopping. My phone is in my purse when I’m out shopping, and usually stores are pretty loud so chances are I won’t hear the text beepy noise. And then I’m likely to forget to check my phone while in the act of shopping itself because I’m “in the zone.”
  3. If I’m genuinely pissed off at you or you’re being boring. This doesn’t happen very often (since the people who have my number are the people who I want to talk to), but if I don’t answer for a really long time then you should probably know that something is up.
Maybe I’m just neurotic about cellphones and communication, but I don’t really feel like I’m being unreasonable. If I text you, then I genuinely want to talk to you, so answer goddamnit, or I’m going to consider our friendship off!

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