Thursday, 17 January 2013

Genre Mixing, or Too Many Options

When we work on Cataloguing at the library, we're often faced with difficult choices. We can't have co-genres, there is no sharing the main entry, and we can't combine subjects except in very specific ways. Now I'm a pretty decisive person (95 points out of 100 on the personality test we did last semester, higher than anyone else in the class), but having to choose single topics for books drives me nuts. I always come to a decision eventually, but there's this little voice inside my head that keeps whinging about how the Anglo-American Cataloguing rules and Library of Congress Subject Headings need to learn to cooperate.

I have the same problem when it comes to clothing patterns. Some people live under the assumption that simple is best, but honestly I find that rather dull. Why shouldn't I wear stripes and polkadots at the same time? Why can't I wear decorative brocaide and leopard in the same outfit? Sometimes patterns just don't go well together, but if you learn to coordinate them properly then the combination can be fabulous. The other day I wore this outfit which contains five - that's right, five - patterns without batting an eye. Sure I got some weird looks, but I just figure that the people who can't handle it just don't have any style!

H&M tunic, Calvin Klein leopard print cardigan, Ardene zebra print earrings, Sirens marbled leggings, thrifted studded waist belt, paint-by-number Converse Project Red Chuck Taylor All Star runners. 

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