Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Complaints (For the Week)

This post is totally a day late, but I've not really been in the mood for writing anything and getting it posted on time... but I had to complain, because not complaining just isn't my style!

In two weeks, I have to leave a job that I actually relatively enjoy. Sure, the customers are still 75% assholes, but the team (management included!) are all awesome!

My shoes are all packed away and ready to be shipped across the country. It's going to be really depressing having to wear the same 5 pairs of shoes over and over for the next few weeks. Same goes for my wardrobe, since I have a limited amount of space in the luggage :(

Constant nagging paranoia that my flight is going to be a mess and my stuff will get lost in transit :|

Wanting to pack everything NOW, but knowing that there really isn't any point in doing so.

Stupid breaking nails... this has been going on all summer, and hasn't improved at all, and I am NOT PLEASED!

Being forced into mandatory Orientation activities when I would rather spend my first week and a half in Halifax shopping and setting up my living space.

The battery in my MacBook is swelling aka NOT GOOD. Ordering a new one asap, and hoping that the old one doesn't explode in the meantime!

Wanting to do nothing but watch re-runs of my favourite shows like Green Wing and jPod.

Definitely not going to have my passport in time for my flight, which means paying for it to be mailed to Halifax by courier.

Majorly crushing on fictional/celebrity characters. I know exactly how not-realistic this is, but they're cute and witty and awesome. Not sure if this means it's time for a new boy toy...

Proper sleep? Forget about it...

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