Sunday, 28 August 2011

E is for Example

Being sick totally screwed up my posting plans yesterday. Ugh. It’s rare that I get sick, but yesterday was enough to make me feel like doing absolutely nothing. Therefore to make up for not posting yesterday, I shall post twice today! Yay!

Today’s artist is a rather well-known rapper/singer/etc from England who goes by the name of Example (read his Wiki page to see why this is his handle), but for some reason he hasn’t really made it big in North America. Yet. I’m sure that his part in the iTunes festival (kind of a big deal) will get him enough fans to be legit on both sides of the Atlantic. Maybe then he would do a Canadian tour? Yes? PLEASE! I would die of happy. And maybe if you could get the albums here for a reasonable price without resorting to iTunes downloads…

I got into his music with the song “Won’t Go Quietly” last summer when I heard it on some internet radio station from the UK. It was obsession at first hear, and I pretty much listened to it all summer on repeat. It’s still one of my favourite songs, because the lyrics speak to me, and it makes me wanna dance every time it pops up on my iPod. I pretty quickly fell in love with all of his other music (“Kickstarts”  and “Girl Can’t Dance” are amazing songs), and everything he comes out with I can’t help but adore. I tend to like his pop-electronica stuff best, but I do rather like his hip-hop/rap stuff as well, since the lyrics are always witty in that Brit way I love. Seriously I love how he blends all these genres into some of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard. 

The original addiction...

From his new album, which has just been released!

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