Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Do YOU Know What Fit Means?

 Here begins the alphabetically themed music month of aberration from the fashion and shoes that normally populate my blog. If you haven’t already heard my wardrobe and shoes have been packed up and shipped across the country (as of yesterday actually) and I have to live out of ONE suitcase of clothing. Hell on Earth, I know. Instead of being all depressed about the lack of fasionable clothes I’m going to do a month of posts about music. Specifically, every day I’ll pick a band that I love and share some videos or lyrics or whatever. To make it less random I’m doing it alphabetically, like many people did back in April with their blogs (see Dan’s blog for some completely random bands and good laughs). So here we go!

Back in the day (read late grade school/early high school) there was this show on YTV called the Hit List. It went through various host changes (some good, some bad, but all entertaining), but it was always the place I went to for awesome new music. I probably would have watched MTV or Much Music, but at the time we hadn’t figured out how to bypass the parental controls on our tv. Not that I’m complaining. Because of the Hit List, my musical tastes were predominated by Brit-pop, and I still prefer most European music compared to American. They just do things better over there. But I’m getting off topic already oh noes!

The first band that I’m going to feature is, as their own name states (haha), a1. For those of you who don’t know Brit lingo, saying that something is “a1” is like saying they are the best, the greatest, etc. Kind of presumptuous of the band, of course, but I still rather enjoy their music. Doesn’t help that the guys really are “fit” in that late 1990s boy band kind of way :p

a1 did a remake of the classic A-ha song "Take on Me" that actually made it to #1 on the year end countdown on Hit List! Good song, but even better are the graphics, which at the time made it the most expensive music video ever produced!

By far "Caught in the Middle" is my favourite a1 song, even though it's definitely one of their lesser known songs since it debuted when they were on the way out. They reformed last year (minus one member), and their new stuff isn't bad (check out the new tracks on their Myspace page), but it's just not the same as classic a1!

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