Saturday, 13 August 2011

In Our Circle, We Never Kiss and Tell

Obviously I had to choose a pink polish for Girly Week, and I figured that nothing fit quite so well as this gorgeous matte finish polish from Icing, entitled "Confessions." The bottle shows it to be a shade kind of in between pink and purple, but the colour varies widely in application. The fewer coats you apply, the more pink the polish looks, but eventually you'll hit a saturation point where the colour you're left with is definitely a mauvey purple. 

With a top coat you get a gorgeous sparkly shimmer out of the polish, which can either be a pink or purple, depending on the number of layers again. I'm not showing any pictures of the polish with a topcoat this time around, since I figure I'll get all my matte and suede finish polishes together and do a big post all with topcoats to show the differences in effect. 

By the way, this polish is another one of the infamous Birthday polishes (seriously guys, don't ever give me any more nail polish), and it was given to me by the lovely and fabulous Sarah! Thanks for the sparkles lady <3

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