Friday, 21 March 2014

A New Quarter Springs

I've been so busy Spring cleaning all day that I almost forgot to write today's post... Good job self.

Going to keep it short and sweet, and give a shout out to the man who tops the world of millines, and who happens to be Irish (in keeping with this week's theme). I am terrible at collecting hats, but if I could afford to buy a few Philip Treacy creations I would definitely work them into my wardrobe on a regular basis. 

To me, it doesn't get any more Spring-inspired than this mask/fascinator.
The curling leafy tendrils remind me of the designs for the Green Man and of Cernunnos, one of the original Celtic gods, and would hope that anyone wearing it would pair it with a Fey-inspired counter gown.  

Anyone up for an old English hunting party? Who cares about catching the fox, as long as we get to ride around through the woods looking fabulous in our tweeds (with a dash of glamour of course). 

What's Spring without a few flowers? Treacy keeps the size of the rose from dominating the design by sticking to a neutral palette. Normally I don't go for taupes of any sort, but this hat could be mixed into almost any colour story, which makes it a good investment.

Images from the 2014 collection

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