Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Night Lights

There's nothing I like more than spending Friday nights in, as long as I have something to occupy myself with. Thankfully, I'm always full of ideas of things to do - books to read, movies & tv to watch, cookies to bake - so I figured that I would share what my Friday "schedule" looks like this week. 

I had the day off work (whoever decided to give Government employees every other Friday off is a genius), so I spent the morning and afternoon running around doing errands. Out to the East End for shopping (don't worry mum I only bought sheets, pillows, and towels that I really needed), down to the South End for groceries (bought a huge box of penguin cheese crackers - the President's choice brand of Goldfish - yum), and then to the library for a stack of books. There are never enough books in my life. Clearly.

By the time that was all done I was pretty tired, so I threw a load of laundry in the machine and sat down to catch up on some tv episodes with dinner. I'm totally obsessed with Reign & Suits, so without giving away what happened on this week's episodes I'll just say that I was super stoked. 

To top it all off, I'm planning on spending the rest of the evening surfing the web - planning more books to read, researching some things, and checking out the best of the Ukrainian fashion scene to get inspired for a photo shoot tomorrow. Did you know that the Ukraine has their own Fashion Week? I sure didn't, but that's the website that I'm going to start my browsing on because it looks like it has a good showcase of old and new designers!

I'm really digging Svetlana Voziian and Zalevskiy, but from the looks of it there's a lot of talent in the Ukrainian fashion scene! If you want to surf along with me check out the website for Ukrainian Fashion Week, and let me know who you're feeling is a good prediction for Spring 2014!

Svetlana Voziian


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