Friday, 14 March 2014

The German who Conquered Paris

When most people think of German fashion they probably think of Hugo Boss, minimalism, and sports logos (think Adidas). But I think immediately of Karl Lagerfeld, even though he hasn't practised "German" fashion since... well, since ever. He made his big splash alongside Yves Saint Laurent and has continued to rock the Paris fashion scene with stints at the helm of ChloĆ©, Chanel, and his own line (which occasionally trades on space motifs that are reminiscent of Cold War-era East Germany) and most would consider him to be more French than German. In most cases I agree that his taste seems to recall an era of 1920s Coco glamour & menswear-for-women, but whatever he does he does so with style! 

a pre-occupation with the elegant Death perhaps?

oddly shaped shoes seem to be a very German invention

pretend recycled clothes reminisce of the post-war era of economic recovery, & the graffiti-ed Berlin Wall

these props from the runway show remind me so much of minimalist food packaging from the GDR (German Democratic Republic aka East Germany)

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