Sunday, 9 March 2014

Orange Revolution: a Sunday Shoe Story

In my entire life, I've only ever owned ONE pair of orange shoes - a pair of Franco Sarto flats that are honestly more of an orange-tinged salmon than a true orange. I'm not a big fan of orange clothing for some reason, but shoes generally break all my style rules. I've owned shoes in baby pink & khaki green (in combination no less, which in all other places would horrify me), lusted over odd shades of chartreuse (a colour that decidedly does not work on me), and I still love my panda print Keds (even though I would never wear animal print anything else). 

After years and years of shoe hunting I have come to one conclusion: orange shoes in real life are harder to find than boys who meet my attractiveness standards. Yet I have no problem finding both on Tumblr (as evidenced by my continual collection of adorable Hiddleston pics - yes I know I have a problem), so they must be out there. 

So this year my shoe-hunting goal is thus: I must find myself an adorable pair of truly orange shoes. Be they Converse (that's the easy way out, since Converse come in every shade of the rainbow, and then some extras), Autumn-leaf-shaded flats, or dragon-scaled pumps, I shall prevail! I'm rather liking the idea of a pair of tangerine court shoes currently, since they would look rather fabulous for the office with darkwash jeans, a white shirt, and some silver bling jewelry. 

Are there any rainbow colours missing from your shoe collection? I'd be glad to hear and swap some hunting tips, if you share :)

images from Tumblr

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