Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I Got it From my Mother (and my Father)

Things I Blame my Mother For
My untame-able frizzy fluffy curls
My artistic nature
My addiction to books
My interest in alternate religions
My chocolate addiction
My height (both the good and the bad)
My inability to ever have a flat stomach
My short waist
My love of puppies
My poor eyesight
My teeth

Things I Blame my Father For
My vocabulary
My eye for composition
My thinning hair
My tech skillz
My knowledge (and love of) cars
My shopping problem
My diet (“see-food” & “light-out”)
My allergies to dust & cats
My eyebrow (which I force to be plural)
My stash of junk food
My need to have only the best
My "always right" attitude

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