Sunday, 16 March 2014

Comfort vs. Style: a (German) Shoe Story

Why is it that when I Googled/Tumblred "German shoes" all I got was Birkenstocks & Croc look-a-likes at one end of the spectrum and dead animal carcases (Iris Schiefersein) at the other? I know that the Germans are endlessly practical, but the lack of interest (or far too macabrĂ© an interest) in style has gone a touch too far. Shoes are the best part  an outfit, and are often the place where we can get away with being a little weird, so why the heck is comfort completely dominating style?! 

The only brand that seems to be doing anything interesting in the footwear arena is Adidas, so I will temporarily lift my ban on anything sports related on this blog to laud the artisticly inclined runners. They even did a line of Star Wars inspired shoes. And you know how much I adore Star Wars :)

images from Tumblr

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