Thursday, 21 July 2011


Everyone knows I’m a sucker for animal print (does it get any flashier), so when my eyes alighted on one of the prints from Dolce and Gabbana’s eyewear line in the overly drab March 2011 Vogue I was stunned. Forget the eyewear (it’s pretty, but nothing to get starstruck over), I was in love with the model’s dress. Not only was it leopard print, it was RED leopard print. Coloured animal prints can either be a huge success or a huge failure, and I’m glad to say that D&G had done it right. I figured that even though I was intrigued by the ad, this was as far as my love affair with red leopard print would go. Like I was ever going to actually find anything even resembling it in fashion-backwards Kamloops, and obviously getting designer duds is a bit above my price range. And then Aina and I made an impromptu visit to Value Village after dining out one night, and what did I find, but a red leopard print velvet dress! I was lucky enough that it actually fit (I should probably get it hemmed a couple of inches because I’m short but whatever), and I just HAD to buy it. I don’t know when I’ll ever actually wear it out, but it became the inspiration for a D&G themed mini-photoshoot and this entire week of posts!

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  1. I love that I haven't seen this add till now and I did the same thing she did :P