Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Dragon's Scales

So apparently this OPI polish is supposed to be reminiscent of Aragon (an autonomous community within Spain) since it’s named “Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede” and is from the Spanish collection. But me being the nerd that I am my brain started alternately screaming OMG AragornLordoftheRings (apparently the added “r” isn’t that important – sorry Tolkien) and OMG Eragondragons (apaprently “a” and “e” are the same… stupid brain). I don’t really know much about the actual real life Spanish Aragon (sorry high school geography), and honestly the gorgeous green colour reminds me of both of my references much more. The deep velvety green conjures up images of Aragorn when he’s in his ranger phase and doing lots of exploring through lush green woodlands, and also brings to mind the perfect shade for a dragon’s scales! Seriously OPI should have done a Lord of the Rings collection and named this polish after Aragorn instead of boring old Spain…

So far this is my faovurite green polish to date. It’s a pretty easy application (though it requires 3+ layers), and the matte finish is just gorgeous. And then you put a topcoat on it, and holy crap microglitter! I’m not showing any photos of it with a topcoat, because I adore the matte finish, but there are plenty of other blogs out there that have swatches of it with topcoat!

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