Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer in Italy

For a major label fashion house, I expected D&G to have a decent amount of nice nail polishes, but boy was I disappointed. They have some nice colours, sure, but nothing that stood out, and there was only one that was like any in my collection. Their bronze, called Desert (how creative…), looks pretty similar to New York Color’s bronze (another discontinued shade), so that’s the polish that I’m showing this week.

I don’t do gold at all, but I’m really into bronze as a warmer tone of metallic. I love the shade of this polish in the bottle, and it’s gorgeously sparkly in the sunlight (stupid sun was hiding when I had to take pictures). The formula is also pretty easy to work with, and covers pretty evenly with two coats, though three is what I would recommend for lasting wear. 

you can see the sparkle better in the larger version of this picture!

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