Thursday, 14 July 2011

No One Wants to be a Hufflepuff

Which is why none of us bothered to dress up as one… Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin are way better!


hands-free bags are perfect for the travelling wizard.
mine is by Christian Dior

the grey and navy colour palette softens the stripes on this hoodie

Aina got too enthusiastic and levitated me...

observing like a true Ravenclaw

it doesn't get any more preppy than a stripey Yves Saint Laurent tie


playing hide and seek

Expecto Patronum!

channelling Remus Lupin in a loose fitting cardigan and tie in Gryffindor colours

trying to reflect my spells with a quickly shouted "protego" charm

a true Quidditch fan: her shirt reads "Snitches be Crazy"

see, I told you she got too enthusiastic with her levitation charm!

never insult a Slytherin, as they might just hex you!

argyle sweaters are warm and cozy, but can get stuck in the wilderness...

preparing for her next Potions class with Professor Snape

she wanted a new pet so... serpensortia!

playing dead like the sneaky Slytherin she is

practicing her reducto spell

plotting her next evil venture :)

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