Sunday, 23 October 2011

Art Attack! A Sunday Shoe Story

Let me tell you a story of my childhood. In kindergarten I went to a school where we didn’t really learn anything academic. Luckily for me, that left lots of time for my favourite activity: craft time! I liked doing every type of  craft, but I spent many days trying to complete a yarn covered bear. The craft was simple enough: take a piece of paper on which was already drawn a bear, and glue things onto the bear shape. Apparently my OCD was already active at this early age, because I always wanted to have a yarn covered bear, and every piece had to be perfect laid out. We couldn’t carry crafts over to subsequent days, so I would only ever get half done my perfect bear, and then have to start again the next day. Day after day I would make bears, all never to be completed. I don’t remember ever finishing a bear, and I assume I eventually gave up altogether and moved onto some other kind of craft. Was this the beginning of my trend of never finishing art projects? Possibly…

Case and point: my Converse Project Red “100 Paints” high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Wow that’s a lengthy name for a pair of sneakers… Needless to say, I bought them on my birthday in April, and still can’t decide how I’m going to paint the numbers in. Someday I’ll figure it out, but I might just leave them plain just so I don’t have to make a decision.

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