Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Farewell to Short Shorts

As much as I’m super happy about not having to suffer through anymore sweltering heat, the one thing that I’m going to miss about summer is short shorts. I spent most of my summer working, so I had to be “work appropriate” and therefore wasn’t allowed to wear actual shorts. It would have caused a riot, so I guess that makes sense. But now that it’s well into fall (seriously when did that happen) it’s not short shorts weather anymore! Hopefully this dreary rain will let up later this week so I can bring my short shorts out for one more go before they’re officially put away for the winter. If the weather doesn’t let up then I guess I’ll just head on over to Starbucks for my winter favourite drink, mint white chocolate mocha, and curl up with a wonderful book on my new couch (which should be here at some point today!!!)

Things to do when winter starts to get you down:
-       Indulge in a warm chocolaty drink. Remember, Christmas is coming!
-       Spend an extra hour in bed. We’re allowed to hibernate, after all.
-       Go costume shopping at your favourite thrift store. I know that nothing gets me more excited about fall than the prospect of costuming and candy!
-       Don’t skirt those puddles; JUMP IN THEM! (Remember to wear puddle-jumping appropriate clothes…)
-       Just because the sky is grey don’t feel like your wardrobe has to reflect that: there’s a reason why winter sweaters and scarves are made in super bright colours.
-       Take out a book from your public library. It’s free, and you’ll feel like you’ve learned something by the time you finish the last page.
-       Do something creative if you’re stuck inside: I’m currently making a photo montage, so I get to reminisce about all the good times in the sun J

In other news: it’s time to make some changes on my blog again, once again for the better! I’ve made the decision to do away with wishlist Wednesday and review Fridays because I’m just not feeling them. For a while it was fun, but I feel like they’re both a bit contrived, and that they’re just there to fill in holes in the week. Obviously I’m going to keep wishing for things out of my reach, and giving my opinions on products that I like or dislike, but it will no longer have a designated day of the week. So the new schedule is going to go like this: Tuesday rants (like that’s EVER going to change), Trend Thursdays for fashion, Sparkly Saturdays for nail polish, and of course Sunday Shoe Stories. I feel like these posts are my favourite to write every week, and are also the ones that get the most feedback from my readers, so they’re not going anywhere J


  1. You can still wear your short shorts with tights!!

  2. i've thought about that, but i haven't actually done it yet! i might just have to though, since we've got sun now, but the temperature has dropped!