Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy Blog-iversary to Me!

I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this blog for an entire year. And that I’m still writing it! Normally I start something epic, and eventually I get too busy and get distracted, and then just stop all together. But this blog has stuck it out, and I’m still really into writing it! I admit, there have been some crappier posts, and sometimes entire weeks where I’ve left off and not written at all, but I’ve always come back to it.

Normally people do a giveaway for their blog-iversaries, but I’m not going to this time around. The giveaway that I did for my 6-month wasn’t overly successful in the scheme of things, so I don’t want to waste my time doing a giveaway that gets very little response from my readers. Also, having just moved across the country, I’m kind of not into spending money on people other than me. Being short of funds, I have to budget (and by budget I mean buy things on sale haha), and it doesn’t leave me much room for buying random things for random people. Plus, blog giveaways are notorious as being just a means for getting more followers, and honestly I think that’s kind of lame. I’m not buying readers guys, you have to want to read my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll probably do another one for my year-and-a-half anniversary, since I can combine it with my birthday yay! I do have some stuff that I could pass on to my loving readers, but it’s mostly girl stuff, and that wouldn’t be fair to the handful of guys who read my blog (*cough* Dan and Lolland and Stu).

To celebrate my blog, I ask that you all have a day of dressing awesome (sky high heels ladies and fantastic hats for the guys!) and have an awesome weekend! I know I will, since I made cupcakes to celebrate for my blog J This is how exciting my life is at the moment :p

In other news: I have some pretty exciting things planned for the blog in the future. I’m on my own for photo shoots since Aina and Liz couldn’t fit into my luggage, but I refuse to give up taking photos of my awesome outfits, so I am hunting for a good tripod! Obviously a tripod won’t replace my fabulous cohorts, but it’s what I have to work with, so it’ll have to do! Or maybe I’ll co-opt some of my new Halifax people to help, if they don’t think I’m completely mad >_> Volunteers? Plz? I'll share my cupcakes I swear!

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