Monday, 10 October 2011

Border Tariffs

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This week, I’m ushering in a week dedicated to one of my favourite design houses, Chanel, but of course we must begin with a complaint. This isn’t a huge complaint (for once), it’s just more of a pet peeve.

In Canada, having issues with getting things across the border, or having to pay ridiculous fees to do so, is something that is a norm for web orders. But wouldn’t you think that if we had the stores in Canada, and they sold the products there we would be able to ship the same products if we ordered them online? Apparently not, even when it comes to huge beauty retailers like my case and point: Sephora. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Sephora since they’ve made make-up shopping simple with their “carry everything” style, but their random shipping policy is kind of frustrating. Not only do we have to have an order of $120+ to qualify for free shipping, but there’s also a list of products that they won’t ship to Canada, Chanel products included! They don’t even sell that many products from Chanel, but for some reason they won’t let us Canadians partake in Chanel’s fabulousness! Not pleased!

Of course there are other options. The Bay carries most of the products, and Sears is a good stop for some more, and if you live in a big enough city you could even have a proper Chanel store! But seriously, Sephora should let us partake in ordering Chanel online like everyone else. It’s just not fair!

Okay, I’m done whining now, so on to the rest of the week of all things Chanel-esque!

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