Friday, 14 October 2011

Illusions d'Ombre

Chanel’s new makeup line for Fall, entitled Illusions d’Ombre, was so eerily similar to the effect of a nail polish that I had, I just had to feature it! The matte finish for Icing “Smoke Screen” is a metallic matte polish that has surprising depth for a non-jelly/holographic polish. When viewed from different angles it picks up different light tones and reflects different colours back, which is what I feel the effect of Chanel’s makeup is supposed to be. The key theme is multi-dimensional metallic that creates a shadow depending on reflected light, which creates an intense effect.

it has an almost grainy texture, which is strange for a matte polish,
but adds to the light reflections

Depending on how you dress this polish it can be a demure way of wearing a normally frowned upon nail colour to the office (just a hint of glitter), a reflection of the urban landscape (cityslicker all the way girls), or it can be a way to add a little intensity to a demure outfit (babydoll dress and combat boots anyone?).

it reflects light to become almost white at some angles!

It’s a bit tricky on the application (takes 3-5 coats to get a decent opaque quality, and takes forever to dry), but once on it lasts quite a white. I had to swatch this polish a second time, since I wasn’t happy with the translucent quality, and immediately smudged my thumb nail after taking photos when I tried to tie my shoes… Wasn’t too pleased about that, but the colour is so gorgeous that it shouldn’t be passed up just because it’s a bit of a drama queen; just make sure you have patience and let it dry for a nice long while!

you can see how glittery and reflective it is in this shot!
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PPS: My nails are getting SO LONG YAY! Pretty soon I'll be able to make them all square, since they aren't being as cranky/breaky anymore!

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