Saturday, 8 October 2011

Frostbitten Fingertips

Just because it feels like our fingertips are freezing off when we go outside doesn't mean we can't play around with the idea. It's been noted that blue polish is one of the hot nail trends for Fall, and that doesn't really surprise me. Blues can be subdued in their navy shades that echo old school uniforms, they can sparkle like the frost that will soon be covering our lawns in the morning, or they can be that pop of surprisingly vivid colour, just like that moment of surprise when stepping out the door into the frozen air.

China Glaze's ultimate blue polish "Frostbite" reflects the best of the blue polish spectrum; it's super bright (almost ridiculously so), it's the perfect shade of blue, and it has just a hint of glitter to remind you of why its named after frozen water. It's going to be my most worn colour for Fall, not only because it goes with everything, but also because it subtly matches some of the more outlandish things I plan to add to my wardrobe (blue snakeskin wedges anyone???).

Wearwise, "Frostbite" is pretty easy to manage. I did 2 coats for the pictures shown, no top coat, and it lasrted quite a few days before getting too chipped to be worn in public. With a topcoat I'm sure it would have been even more intense, but I felt that it didn't really need it.

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